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II. The ideal soil

Picture 1 The ideal soil. Untouched by man.


Der ideale Boden. Unberührt vom Menschen

Gib es überhaupt einen idealen Boden ?
Hat es ihn je gegeben ?
Liegt es im Bereich des Menschen, ihn, falls es ihn nicht mehr gibt, wieder herzustellen ?

Does an ideal soil exist at all?
Did it ever exist?
Is it ever possible for man to restore it, if it does not exist anymore?

I must assume that I belong to the relatively few people who have seen and examined the really ideal soils.
Raoul Heinrich Francé knew in his rich life only a single example, the famous yew forest at Paterzell in Bavaria, Germany.
It no longer exists since a long time ..

The ideal soil, which I wish to speak here, is located far from civilization.
Consistent reports are telling, that it was never cultivated.
In this area lived a handful of endangered families of the Lacandon Indians, who were the last true descendants of the ancient Maya peoples.
The reservation is located in southern Mexico, between the border of the land of Chiapas and Guatemala.
The primeval/virgin forest (Urwald, jungle) there is untapped and was only a few years ago by private researchers cartographically mapped.
The black humus accumulates to thick benches - a sure sign that the time is measured here by primeval forests, but not by animals or humans.

From here, the banks of the river Usumacinto, the samples of the ideal soil come.

Bild _ Bild

The above watercolor and crayon drawing corresponds to the exact observations, which are recorded in my log books.
(in terms of colour and microorganisms minerals and organic material)
Because of the often very significant size differences within a biocenosis it was quite impossible to draw all organisms in the same magnification.
The same is true for the associated environment.
If possible, I tried to draw the communities to a common denominator magnification between 250 and 600.

The ideal composition of the soil according to Raoul Heinrich Francé

65% organic substances
20% Edaphon (books)
15% minerals

That there is such a thing, is denied by any current soil scientists.
The fact is, that our agriculture in Europe since about 500 years, in other continents for 50 to 100 years, no longer can count on such numbers.
The balance has sunk/inclined to the deep disadvantage/detriment of the organic matter.
2% organic matter - but certainly not the quality of humus - apply to cultivated soils, currently already considered acceptable,
20% as exorbitant.

Free phrased translation of selected parts of the original text
Translation will be continued .. some day..

Compare the IDEAL SOIL of the FRANC'E to

Dr. Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer:
The Ideal Soil
Biodynamics Journal No. 040 1956!Am2UlOFjs5MWiXl39e7P_F94PLNF

Michael Astera
The Ideal Soil


How to do a REALLY COMPLETE assessment of a soil:

"Dreiteilige Formel" einer exakten Bodenanalyse für Edaphonhumus"

"Three part formula" of an exact soil analysis for Edaphon / Humus / Soil / Compost / Organic Fertilizer according to the Francé

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